July 28th Court Update

Thanks to everyone for such an immediate supportive response to Nicole and Joseph’s indictment last Friday! Today they had a bail hearing at the Oakland Federal Courthouse, which was very well attended by supporters. About 30 folks joined Nicole and Joseph in solidarity. That’s great! Thanks to everyone who made it out! That kind of support is crucial and will remain so for the duration of this case. So be prepared to keep it up.

Nicole was released from electronic monitoring (house arrest), which is good news. Unfortunately the Judge was unwilling to do the same for Joseph. Right now Joseph is still on 24/7 home lockdown.

The next court date will be September 9th in San Diego. It is really important for the movement to continue to organize in solidarity with them. So please do whatever you can and plan on being available that day for more court support.

Given the current situation, continued donations will be key. Please donate and please ask others to as well. Joseph will need help with basic living necessities while on lockdown.