Court Update 8/13

First, thank you to all of the supporters who showed up today to show solidarity for Joseph. About 15 people turned out and it is much appreciated. The group offered help to Joseph in anyway and they were very warm and caring. Let’s make sure to keep this kind of support sustained for the length of this case! This is what movement solidarity and counter-repression organizing should look like.

Joseph appeared in court today as his attorney Bob Bloom argued for his release from 24 hour lockdown house arrest. Although they worked very hard to argue his case, the court would not grant release from full house arrest. There was a very small victory though. Joseph’s house arrest conditions were eased slightly. He will be given two hours a day, two days a week, each week–specifically to buy books at second hand stores to then be sold on the internet. That is all that was granted today.

We move forward. Stay posted for more updates and please be prepared for support on September 9th. This will be Nicole and Joseph’s arraignment and they will need all the support that they can get!

Thanks and solidarity.