Court Support for Joseph’s Sentencing Hearing

On May 2nd, Joseph Buddenberg will have a sentencing hearing before Judge Burns at the U.S. District Court for Southern California. Please be there if you can. It is in moments like these that we must show support for each other.

Earlier this year, Joseph and his co-defendant Nicole Kissane signed non-cooperating plea agreements in which they plead guilty to Conspiracy to Violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act for conspiring to free thousands of animals from fur farms throughout the U.S. and cause damage to businesses associated with the fur industry. Nicole’s sentencing will be later this year.

When: May 2nd at 9:30am
Where: U.S. District Court of Southern California at 333 West Broadway, San Diego
Courtroom of Judge Larry Burns – 14A (14th floor)
**Please be aware that you will have to pass through a metal detector to enter the courthouse and may be required to show photo ID.**