Nicole Sentenced

On January 17, 2017, Nicole Kissane’s non-cooperating plea agreement was accepted by the judge, and she was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison and 3 years of supervised release. Nicole self surrendered the morning of January 18. While this is a difficult time for Nicole, marking the end of a long period of resistance and contemplation, it is the beginning of a new chapter. We will keep you updated about her whereabouts during her transfer and when she reaches her final destination.

The transition from freedom to incarceration can be a challenging one, particularly in the first few months. So now more than ever, we need to make sure she has books to read, letters to respond to, and money in her support fund so she can purchase vegan food and toiletries. Please keep a close eye on her support site and the Facebook page for addresses and updates as they become available, and please make a donation to the support fund.

She’s in there for all of us, we are out here for her.