Write to Nicole!

Nicole is now in custody and is awaiting your letters! You can write to her at:

Nicole Kissane #20651-111
MCC San Diego
808 Union Street
San Diego, CA 92101

This has been a long, turbulent process for Nicole. We have written the following statement to provide some context for what happened at her sentencing hearing and to shed some light on how the legal process has been for Nicole in general. We hope it will clear up any questions you may have.

An article titled “New plea deal reached in anti-fur rampage,” that was published on December 28, 2016 in The San Diego Union-Tribune and subsequently reprinted elsewhere, stated the following in reference to Nicole Kissane’s June 20, 2016 sentencing appearance, “Both prosecutors and the defense said they arrived at the agreement because Kissane played a smaller role in the rampage than Buddenberg, and they accused Buddenberg of dominating the younger Kissane and leading her into trouble.” This narrative is one that Nicole Kissane firmly rejects.

Just one week before her June 20 sentencing date, Nicole’s public defender informed her that he intended to argue that Nicole took a smaller role in the actions leading to her arrest and the arrest of Joseph Buddenberg. She refused to commit to this version of events and pleaded with him to not state these mistruths in court on her behalf. Unfortunately her pleas fell on deaf ears. After Judge Burns refused to sign the deal, her lawyer acknowledged in court that he had gone against Nicole’s wishes.

This narrative was again strongly put forth at Nicole’s sentencing on January 17. The prosecution and the defense repeatedly suggested that Joseph was more culpable for their actions and he influenced Nicole to take part. Her lawyer acknowledged in court that Nicole was uncomfortable with this portrayal and wished to take responsibility for her own actions, yet he continued to attempt to shift blame to Joseph throughout the hearing. It is clear from the actions of her lawyers that they have not taken Nicole’s wishes or convictions seriously at any time during this process and they have openly admitted to this in court. While fighting for her freedom, Nicole has also had to struggle with her lawyers. This is a battle she lost time and time again.

Nicole was sentenced on January 17 to twenty-one months in federal prison. Now begins a new period in her life, one that will be met with uncertainty and struggle through situations of confinement and isolation. This is the crucial time for those of us who do understand Nicole’s principles and politics to stand by her — and we must continue to do in so in the next days, weeks, and years. We must step up for Nicole.

Please check back regularly for updates on how Nicole is doing and how you can best support her. Sending cards, letters, and articles that you think she might like will always be welcome at each and every facility they may send her to. We are calling on supporters from around the world to remind her while she’s locked up that she has never left our thoughts or hearts! Thank you for all of your continued support.

In solidarity with Nicole Kissane!