Please contact prison re: Joseph’s mail problems

Joseph is continuing to experience problems with his mail — both incoming and outgoing — being delayed or never delivered. He has attempted to address this issue with the prison, but the problems persist and add to how isolated he feels in the SHU with the mail issues making it hard to stay in touch with family and friends.

Please contact FCI Victorville and tell them to handle Joseph’s mail according to BOP policies — to end the unnecessary delays and the disappearance of mail.

Call FCI Victorville at 760-246-2400 and ask to speak to the Warden’s office, and email the office at .

Tell them that you are contacting them in regard to Joseph Buddenberg #12746-111 and that you are concerned about the delays and disappearance of his mail, and that he needs to be given his mail in a timely manner. Remind them that BOP policies instruct them to not delay the processing and delivery of mail, and that it is important for Joseph to be able to use mail to maintain supportive relationships with family and friends.


Additionally, if you have received mail from Joseph that was delayed by more than a week from the day he dated it, please contact the Office of the Inspector General with a complaint and to ask them to investigate how FCI Victorville is handling mail. You can write to the office at:

Eric A. Johnson, Assistant Inspector General
Office of the Inspector General, Investigations Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Room 4706
Washington, DC 20530