Call in for Joseph!

UPDATE: There is no longer a need for a call in at this time, as Joseph has received word that his transfer to another prison has finally been accepted. Please watch for updates and other support needs. Thank you!

On Tuesday, September 5th, please make a phone call to the warden’s office at FCI Victorville Medium I to ask that the prison staff process Joseph’s paperwork for releasing him to a halfway house.

Joseph has been in the SHU at Victorville for over 7 months, even though after 6 months the prison was supposed to transfer him to another facility — and these months of isolation have been rough on him. The time in Victorville’s SHU has become increasingly upsetting to him as he is eligible for halfway house placement (it’s common for federal prisoners to do the last 6 months of their prison sentence in a halfway house, and Joseph only has about 5 months left), but the prison staff has not processed that paperwork to get him there. Instead, prison staff have repeatedly requested that he be transferred and have another prison handle the halfway house paperwork, but the BOP has rejected the transfer three times so far.

So Joseph needs your support to ask the prison to stop prolonging his time in SHU with repeated (failed) attempts at transferring him to another prison and to instead process his halfway house paperwork so that he can be released directly to there as soon as possible. 

When to call: Tuesday, September 5, from 8:00am – 4:00pm PDT

Where to call: Call FCI Victorville Medium I at 760-246-2400

Who to talk to: Ask to speak with the Warden or Assistant Warden (leave a voicemail if necessary)

Talking points:

  • Calling to ask that the unit team for Joseph Buddenberg (his inmate number is 12746-111) process him for release to halfway house as soon as possible.
  • He only has about 5 months left on his sentence.
  • He has been in the SHU for over 7 months, and the prison staff’s attempts to transfer him to another prison have been rejected 3 times so far.
  • He is eligible for halfway house and his relocation has already been accepted by the probation office in the area.
  • His unit team is currently able to process him for halfway house and they need to do so.

Please follow up your phone call with an email to the warden’s office at VIM/ to reiterate the talking points.

Thank you!

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