Call in for vegan food for Joseph!


Call to ask for vegan meals for Joseph!

WHEN: Thursday, November 2nd from 8AM-4PM EST

WHY: Joseph is vegan and not receiving vegan meals, so he is not getting a nutritionally adequate diet. Additionally, Joseph recently received a shot (infraction) for which his commissary was taken away, so he has no access to buying extra food to supplement meals. This is all occurring even after a spokesperson for the BOP has stated that the this year, 2017, was supposed to mark the beginning of vegan meal options in federal prisons. Joseph needs your help to get vegan food now and hold the prison accountable.

WHAT TO DO:  Please call FCI Coleman Low at 352-689-4000. If they do not answer, send them an email at . Even if they do answer, follow up with an email after speaking with them.


Sample Script: “Hi, I’m calling to ask that FCI Coleman Low inmate Joseph Buddenberg #12746-111 receive vegan meals because he does not eat meat, dairy, or eggs. The BOP has publicly stated that vegan options are now available, and Coleman staff needs to make sure he’s receiving vegan meals so that his diet is nutritionally adequate.”  

Thank you!

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