Joseph now at FCI Coleman Low

Joseph’s transfer is now complete, and he’s at FCI Coleman Low and no longer in SHU. He would really appreciate starting to receive letters, books, postcards, articles, etc. again. He just arrived at Coleman yesterday, but so far is doing well with starting to settle in there. You can order a book for him of […]

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Update: Joseph in transit

Joseph is currently in the process of being transferred to another prison. Please hold mail for him until he has a new address. We will post an update as soon as he has arrived at the new prison to let supporters know where he’s at and what address to use for writing to him.

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Call in for Joseph!

UPDATE: There is no longer a need for a call in at this time, as Joseph has received word that his transfer to another prison has finally been accepted. Please watch for updates and other support needs. Thank you! On Tuesday, September 5th, please make a phone call to the warden’s office at FCI Victorville […]

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Update about Joseph

We’ve received updates from Joseph about the situation for him with vegan food and mail delays as he continues to be in the SHU at FCI Victorville: Since being held at Victorville, my repeated requests for vegan meals have been ignored. On the prison compound, I can subsist on the few vegan options available on […]

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